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Bank Deposit Optimization for Enterprise

Pure Software. No Brokerage

Change the way you Manage Short-Term Cash with our Cutting-Edge Fintech Platform

Likwidity's Enterprise Deposit Platform makes it easy to place, manage and report on your bank deposits (Fixed, Term, Certificate of Deposits, Call and Savings accounts), saving you time and helping you get the most out of Enterprise cash funds.

Insight into Bank Deposit performance across portfolios with embedded risk management, governance and compliance

Multi-bank Price Discovery


Limit Management


Counterparty Risk


Maturity Management


Interest Calculation


Compliance & Audit


How it Works

Meet Likwidity's solution for efficient deposit management

Eliminate manual processes and spreadsheet management. Automated workflow and notifications. 


The latest from Likwidity

Our Clients

Why companies like Likwidity?

"A simple, effective dashboard that allows me to make smart decisions"

With Likwidity. all our banks and relationship managers are on one portal, and we simply submit a single RFQ, and we now receive a consolidated view of all our bank quotes. This ensures we are always aware of the best rates available in the market.

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Financial Controller, Global NFPO

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