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Time is precious !

Don't waste it  hunting for rates for your cash funds. 
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Likwidity Enterprise Deposit Platform
Automate and Optimise Enterprise Cash Funds/Bank Deposits for better Cash Management

Questions for any

Head of Finance, Treasurer or Director:

  • Is the organisation achieving the best interest on surplus cash?

  • Is our bank offering competitive pricing?

  • Can we easily prove it all stakeholders! 


Feedback rating from multinational treasurer:

  • Does Likwidity make price discovery easier and faster?  5/5  

  • Does Likwidity save time?  5/5

  • Does Likwidity help with pricing tension? 4/5

  • Has Likwidity improved net interest income? 4/5

Likwidity Delivers

Automated multi-bank price discovery for Cash funds (Call and Term Deposits)

Workflow automation and reporting. Simpler Cash management

Efficient, massive time saving with provable and measurable outcome

Governance, compliance and auditability over cash allocation and bank selection

What type of organisations benefit

Modern Architecture


Revenues above $20m


Back of a group of volunteers

Not for Profit (NFP)

Parliament House

Local and State Government



Our Core Services

Interest rates on bank deposits are trending higher.

Competition for deposits will increase.

Is your organisation losing out?

Price discovery and execution of Bank deposits for many corporates and institutions is still a manual and non-compliant process.

  • Likwidity Enterprise Deposit platform brings automation, efficiency, visibility and governance to the process whilst ensuring highest rates on all bank deposits.

  • A software tool for corporates to do multi-bank, multi-currency price discovery.

  • Available through a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering or as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) configuration.

  • Likwidity is complementary to treasury management systems and can be used as treasury deposit administration tool and replaces spreadsheet administration.

  • The only platform with no hidden commissions or brokerage.

  • We have also passed a stringent due-diligence by a Big4 accounting firm and a member of the elite accelerator.

  • Likwidity is NOT an advisor or a broker.

  • We never have access to client accounts or funds !


Ensure that Enterprise Cash Funds are appropriately invested in Bank Deposits with respect:

Our Clients wish to..

s1 (1).png
  • The best available interest rates.

  • Bank credit rating

  • Available limits

  • That group entities are adhering to policies and governance

  • That information is visible

  • That investment decisions are auditable

That the process of collating and execution is efficient, automated and cost effectives


What we do is..

Provide a software platform in the treasury category that automates price discovery with multiple banks in multiple currencies with a few clicks and incorporates workflow driven management platform and reporting dashboard for risk and funds allocation.


Available as either:

  • PaaS (In-house Platform-as-a-Service)

  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)


An easy to implement and use platform that:

Clients get

  • Optimise interest income by getting better interest rates

  • Automates multi-bank price discovery

  • Automate workflow for deal execution

  • Time-saving efficiencies in recording and updating deal information

  • Governance and auditability over placement of funds

  • Better usage of FTE resources

  • No leakage of commissions


Awesome Features

Our Core Features

With extensive experience in developing and operating financial and treasury software, we recognized that the process for organizations to do price discovery and management of short-term cash.


Deposit Workflow Automation

Fully automated workflow from deal initation through to maturities and reporting.


Multi Bank and Currency

Engage with your banking panel from 1-app and in multiple currencies for Cash deposits


Our Feature Dashboard

Consolidated view of business units and deposits across all banks and currencies Report on funds by bank, credit rating.


Product Types

Catering for most standard deposit products including Call, Notice and Time Deposits


SaaS or PaaS

Available for SaaS or In-House own labelled PaaS. Fast Deployment



Ability to do automated pooling (aggregation) of transactions


Who do we work with

Large and Mid sized Corporations,  Government, Fund Managers, Family Offices, NFP, and any organisation that needs to place deposits with multiple or single banks.

Welcome to Likwidity

Full Featured Platform

Likwidity incorporates numerous additional features to simplify processes including:


Multiple portfolios


Setup own banking panel & relationship managers


Automated interest calculations


Automated maturities process


Ability to aggregate transactions


Comprehensive audit trails

Team Brainstorm

Our Numbers Are Talking

Why Us

Why Us Unlike other providers, we are not brokers. Pure Software Platform with no hidden commissions or brokerage.
Full transparency. No access to Client Funds or Accounts. Deal with your own bank panel and Relationship Managers.

Only Deposit platform to pass due-diligence by Big4 auditors.

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Important questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With extensive experience in developing and operating financial and treasury software, we recognized that the process for organizations to do price discovery and management of short-term cash.


Our Latest News

Our Blog Posts

Record dealing notes combined with detailed audit trails of transaction lifecycle

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Please note that the video clip mentions bonds, but we no longer include bonds.

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