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Enterprise Cash at Bank Deposits. 

Multi-bank, Multi-currency 
Price D
iscovery and Administration

Pure software-No brokerage
ependent | Unconflicted | Trusted

Likwidity's Enterprise Deposit Platform (EDP) makes it easy to place, manage and report on your bank deposits (Fixed, Term, Certificate of Deposits, Call and Savings accounts), saving you time and helping you get the most out of Enterprise cash funds.

Pure Software. No Brokerage

Why you need a
Deposit Management Platform

Interest rates on bank deposits are trending higher.

Competition for deposits will increase.

A Deposit Management Platform is the key to benefitting from these changes.

Price discovery and execution of Bank deposits for many corporates and institutions is still a manual and non-compliant process.

  • Likwidity Enterprise Deposit platform brings automation, efficiency, visibility and governance to the process whilst ensuring the highest rates on all bank deposits.

  • Fast multi-bank, multi-currency price discovery with automated RFQs.

  • Available as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) configuration.

  • Automate reporting so that you can easily track existing and previous deposits, monitor credity limit utilisation, calculate interest payments and send and receive instructions for upcoming maturities.

  • The only platform with no hidden commissions or brokerage.

  • We have also passed a stringent due-diligence by a Big4 accounting firm and a member of the elite accelerator.

  • We never have access to client accounts or funds!

Automate & Simplify

An easy to implement and use platform that:

  • Automates multi-bank price discovery

  • Automates workflows for deal execution

  • Creates time-saving efficiencies in recording and updating deal information

  • Ensures governance and auditability over placement of funds

Enhance Returns

Likwidity's clients achieve an additional 42bps* on their deposits after implementing our platform.


Our software creates pricing tension amongst banks, leading to better returns on cash deposits and a better outcome for your business.

As a pure software provider, we aren't an advisor or broker, so there are no hidden fees or commissions.

*2023 survey of clients

Stay Compliant

Ensure that Enterprise Cash Funds are appropriately invested in Bank Deposits with respect:

  • Bank credit rating

  • Available limits

  • That group entities are adhering to policies and governance

  • That information is visible

  • That investment decisions are auditable

That the process of collating and execution is efficient, automated and cost effectives

What our Clients Say:

"Likwidity saves me a huge amount of time by making price discovery easier and faster...  It helped to create pricing tension amongst my banks and improved our net interest income."

Sydney-based multinational treasurer


Who do we work with

Large and Mid sized Corporations,  Government, Fund Managers, Family Offices, NFP, and any organisation that needs to place deposits with multiple or single banks.

Everything you need to manage your deposits

Likwidity incorporates numerous additional features to simplify processes including:


Multiple portfolios


Setup own banking panel & relationship managers


Automated interest calculations


Automated maturities process


Ability to aggregate transactions


Comprehensive audit trails

Our Core Features

With extensive experience in developing and operating financial and treasury software, we recognized that the process for organizations to do price discovery and management of short-term cash.


Deposit Workflow Automation

Fully automated workflow from deal initation through to maturities and reporting.


Multi Bank and Currency

Engage with your banking panel across multiple currencies directly from the Platform. 


Our Feature Dashboard

Consolidated view of business units and deposits across all banks and currencies Report on funds by bank, credit rating.


Product Types

Catering for most standard deposit products including Call, Notice and Time Deposits


SaaS or PaaS

Available for SaaS or In-House own labelled PaaS. Fast Deployment



Ability to do automated pooling (aggregation) of transactions

Team Brainstorm

Our Numbers Are Talking

Why Us

Unlike other providers, we aren't brokers.  Likwidity is a pure Software Platform with no hidden commissions or brokerage.
Full transparency. No access to Client Funds or Accounts. Deal with your own bank panel and Relationship Managers.

Only Deposit platform to pass due-diligence by Big4 auditors.

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Important questions

Frequently Asked Questions

With extensive experience in developing and operating financial and treasury software, we recognized that the process for organizations to do price discovery and management of short-term cash.

  • I don’t like change. Is it worth it?
    With interest rates rising sharply, the net benefit has increased dramatically and if you have average cash balances of $2m and above, then yes, it is definitely worthwhile. The higher your balances, the more you stand to gain. The days where idle cash is left with your transactional bank can no longer be overlooked and will increasingly be open to scrutiny. Our data historically has shown spreads between the Big-4 of approximately 43 basis points and even higher when you take international, mid-tier and smaller Banks into the mix. Have a look at the spreads and rates over here (Web Rates Compare | Likwidity) and you can see how much money you are leaving on the table. Automation is becoming the new standard and you should not be left behind !
  • What organisation will benefit from using Likwidity ?
    In general, any organisation that has surplus/idle cash from time-to-time that needs to be optimally invested and who also has more than 1-banking relationship. Ideally placing a minimum of $2m at a time in bank deposits (Call, Notice or Term/Time Deposits)
  • We only have 1-bank relationship
    Likwidity is an automation and price-discovery platform that streamline the process of managing and maintaining a record of bank deposits and could work for a single-bank entity, the fuller benefit of multi-bank price discovery is best suited to organisations with more than 1-bank. Our view is that all corporates should be multi-banked to ensure risk diversification. See how your organisation compares with others as regards banking partners with our quick poll (How Many Banks is optimal ? (
  • How many banks can I transact with?
    You can request a quote from up to 20 banks per transaction, and are able to transact with virtually any bank, locally and offshore.
  • We already have a bank panel in place. Will using Likwidity software affect these relationships?
    Using Likwidity software does not change or impact any existing banking relationships. Instead, it helps you to systemise your current dealings / processes in the deposit space. Our platform allows you to continue to transact with your banks, whilst also providing you access to potential new banking partners. The key to Likwidity’s platform is improved transparency through business process automation, full audit trails, improved compliance practices and reporting. Our systems help you automate what is typically one or more manual processes. Our ultimate aim is to foster pricing tension within the deposit market, which in the medium to long term can only mean better rates for our clients, both in the Private and Public sector.
  • What about Commissions?
    We have no intermediary or fee arrangement in place with any banks and we do not earn any commissions or rebates. We charge a monthly fee for our platform so we can work on a zero-commission model, have no-conflict of interest and be able to provide the best rates available in the market.
  • How does Likwidity help with the impact of COVID-19?
    Many organisations now have a remote-working policy and this has dramatically impacted oversight of business processes. The best way of ensuring consistency, security and adherence to policies is by having a systemised process and system to deliver results with full visibility, audit trails and compliance.
  • Does it mean we have to setup new bank accounts?
    Your existing banks will be setup on your Likwidity dashboard, and you retain full control over which other banks you choose to invite or not. The bank relationships are entirely in your control. Some banks will quote on new client opportunities, but these can only be acted upon once bank relationships are put in place on the system.
  • Access to Funds or accounts
    Likwidity NEVER has access to any bank accounts or client funds. All settlements and funds are directly between Client and Bank. Likwidity application purely does price discovery and administration of deposit workflow process, interest calculations, risk allocations.
  • We already use a deposit platform. How is Likwidity better?
    Great, you already see the benefit in using a deposit a platform. Likwidity is different from other platforms on the market because we are the only independent solution. We have no conflicts of interest because, unlike our competitors, we do not get paid any commissions or have any affiliations with banks. Even after accounting for our nominal monthly fee, you should see a benefit of up to 50%. We prioritise our customers results and because we are not affiliated with any banks, you are not limited to just dealing with the banks on “our panel”. Being a technology platform, we enable you to transact with any bank of your choosing and whom you have a relationship with. We also do not provide advisory services, and therefore are not involved in moving funds, eliminating settlement risks or potentials for delay.
  • Why should we pay for the service when others don't charge?
    Our fees are flat, standard and transparent, whereas Commission-based platforms typically charge anywhere between 5-25 basis points per transaction in commissions. You as the client will typically not see what fees/ commissions are paid by the bank. Additionally, different banks pay different commissions, making it hard to decipher what the true rate could have been. This is never disclosed to you - the end Client. Also, commission based platforms will only ever allow you to deal with banks that are on their “panel”. As Likwidity is a technology provider, not a Broker, this allows you to deal with any bank you want.
  • So who is Likwidity ?
    As you can see on the about page, the founder has deep experience in developing and operating treasury and financial platforms with annual volumes in excess of $100bn. The executive team is also supported by a very strong advisory board and Likwidity has also passed a due-diligence by PWC.

Our Blog Posts

Record dealing notes combined with detailed audit trails of transaction lifecycle


Likwidity provides a Software as a Service (Saas) and a Platform as a Service (Paas) solution to enable client to do automated and efficient price discovery on Cash Funds.

The service is not for Retail and is best suited for Enterprise clients.

Rates shown and interest benefits are derived from various sources and may contain incorrect information.

Users are referred to our Terms & Conditions. Where Bank credit ratings are shown, we source the information directly from the service providers. Ratings are shown for Short Term Deposits and are displayed as S&P/ Moody's. For more information on ratings, see our blog >>

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