Frequently asked questions

How many banks can I transact with ?

We have recently added the capability to transact with virtually any bank, and most probably all of your banks

We have a bank panel in place

Likwidity is a software platform to help you systemise your dealings in the Deposit space. Likwidity does not change or impact any existing banking relationships. Our platform allows you to continue to transact with your banks, same as before. It also lets you discover new potential banking partners. Likwidity’s platform delivers improved transparency through business process automation, full audit trails, improved compliance practices and reporting. Our systems help you automate what is typically one or more manual processes. Our ultimate aim is to foster pricing tension within the deposit market which in the medium to long term can only mean better rates for our Clients, and Corporate and Government deposit market participants in general

What about Commissions ?

Very simply. We have no intermediary or fee arrangement in place with any banks and we do not earn any commissions or rebates from any banks

Why should we pay for a deposit service ?

That is fine if your internal processes are systemised and are producing the results you want. In addition to ensuring you get the best rates available as we mentioned, you also get improved business process automation, a full audit trail of all dealings, improved compliance and reporting. According to our data, our Clients have seen an average benefit of XX basis points when transacting deposits over $2,000,000

How does Covid impact this ?

Many organisations now have a working from home policy and this has dramatically impacted oversight over business processes. The best way of ensuring consistency and adherence to policies is by having a systemised process and system to deliver the results with full visibility, audit trails and compliance

Does it mean we have to setup new bank accounts ?

Only your existing banks are setup and you retain full control over which banks you choose to invite or not. So this is entirely in each clients control. Some banks will quote on new client opportunities but these can only be acted upon once bank relationships are put in place.

We already use a platform

That means you can see the benefit of using a platform. Likwidity can take the advantages of using a Deposit Platform further. Unlike our competitors, we do not get paid any commissions by any of the Banks we deal with. We have no conflicts of interest when it comes to which Bank you choose to place your funds with. We endeavour to get you the best rates available. Every time. Even after accounting for our nominal fee, you could see a benefit of up to 50% Unlike commission taking competitors, you are not limited to just dealing with the Banks on “our panel”. Being a technology platform, we enable you to transact with any Bank that you have a relationship with. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not get involved in moving any of your funds thus removing any settlement risks or potentials for delay

It's too much effort, is it worth the time and attention ?

If you have average balances of less than $1m, then it may not be worthwhile. But above that amount, it's worthwhile. The higher the balances, the more you stand to gain. Our data shows spreads between the Big-4 of 43 basis points. The spreads are even higher when you take international, mid-tier and smaller Banks into the mix. See our benefit calculator

Why should we pay for the service when others don't charge ?

Commission based platforms typically charge anywhere between 5-20 basis points per transaction in commissions. Additionally, different Banks pay different commissions making it hard to decipher what the true rate you could have been paid was. This is never disclosed to you - the end Client. Finally, commission based platforms will only allow you to deal with Banks that are on their “panel”. Likwidity, being a technology provider rather than a Broker allows you to deal with any Bank you want.

Can you provide indicative quotes ?

This is hard to do due to the bespoke nature of the quoting process where Banks might price differently depending on your Industry, Credit Rating, Balance Sheet etc

Using our data, can you show how much we could have lost ?

We can only talk in generalities at this stage due to the limited data and the bespoke nature of the quoting process. Quotes depend on a number Client specific factors which may not be transposable to your organistion or scenario

Likwidity Pty Ltd ABN 35619 192737   

Likwidity can source rates from participating banks through a combination of bidding or via bank rate sheets, and the highest rate shown may not always be available by the designated bank or the bank may withdraw such offer and Likwidity does not have control over that. Rates shown and interest benefits are derived from publicly available information and sources and may contain incorrect information.   

Users are referred to our Terms & Conditions.

Where Bank credit rates are shown, we source the information directly from the service providers. 

Ratings are shown for Short Term Deposits and are displayed as S&P/ Moody's. For more information on ratings, see our article

Pricing-Likwidity Offers a Monthly Subscription Fee

#Rates are generally based on interests paid on maturity. Minimum deposit amount of $2m. Rates are from Australian Banks who are protected by the Australian Government Guarantee Scheme of $250,000

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