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We help manage your deposits


Our Mission

For Depositors:

Our mission for Depositors is to enable a level playing field to facilitate the transparent and seamless process of price discovery, execution, and management of enterprise cash funds with banks.

Our Purpose

Traditionally, the process for corporates to achieve price discovery and deposit optimization was manual or using expensive tools such as Bloomberg.

At Likwidity, our purpose is to make price discovery effortless and enabling a competitive destination for Deposit for both Customers and Banks.

We aim to improve the return on investment, build strong and trusted relationships while providing improved audit and governance processes. As a FinTech company we innovate our products to meet our customers financial needs and provide solutions that keep our customers informed and satisfied.


Our Story

It is well known that the forex market is highly traded and that for some currencies, the spreads can be volatile and material. It became clear that there must be a better way for clients to do price discovery for forex and that became the catalyst for starting Nettreasury,  an early pioneer in web-based treasury. The FX market became a major digital market with FXall and Currenex to name a few.

That same impetus was required for the Cash market that had been neglected for years and continues to be a gap in the market.

A low interest rate environment for many years discouraged entrants and the moment is now upon us to help make cash price discovery as ubiquitous as the FX market, thats where Likwidity can help.

Meet the Team

With extensive experience in developing and operating financial and treasury software, we recognised that the process for organisations to do price discovery and management of short-term cash was too cumbersome and opaque and we have created a Software as a Service (SaaS) or a Platform as a Services (PaaS) platform to automate the process and ensure that Depositors are always  able to optimize their working capital and short-term funds

Providing assurance that organisations short-term funds (Fixed/ Time Certificate of Deposits ) are appropriately invested with Banks that offer appropriate returns and risk and will stand up to stakeholder scrutiny​


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