The Problem with Deposits

There are numerous issues with the bank deposit process for bank clients which they are not always aware of. The most important one is that interests rates offered can be significantly different. Get the Facts over here 

Typical Investment Process

Placing of funds with banks optimally requires some diligent evaluation of available options if you wish to ensure that you are delivering value to your stakeholders. It is often too much work and the effort appears not worth it. Our system delivers an efficient and value add way to satisfy all stakeholders 

Efficient Price Discovery

With just 1-app, you can perform multi-bank and multi-currency price discovery on Term Deposits, Notice and Call accounts.  Banks respond to a unified RFQ process ensuring better pricing responses. 

Platform vs Broker

It has become overwhelming clear that brokers take a large margin from your rate and that is why we are fundamentally NOT a broker. Pure platform providing clean and untouched rates. 

Consolidated Dashboard of Positions

Keep a consolidated view over all Bank deposits across multiple-banks and multiple currencies. View placements by bank-rating and transaction status 

Easy RFQ (Request for Quotation)

Easy to use RFQ process that incorporates choice of Currency, Portfolio, Product Type, Maturity Dates, Internal Notes 

Includes Term Deposits, Notice,Call account

Users can also set maturity dates,  nominate expiry of quotes, ask for multiple dates on 1 request 

Nominates Banks and Relationship Managers

Users can select Banks to invite and can also nominate their own Branches or Relationship Manageers

Rate selection

Users are notified when bank rates have been submitted and users can select their choice that could be based on best rate, credit rating or own basis

Automated Multi-Bank reminders

You will always be on top of all your contracts across all your banks. Unified multi-bank maturity reminders to ensure that banks do-not automatically re-invest at a lower rate

Audit Trail

Full audit trail over all transactions showing all bank quotes for complete compliance and governance

No Access to Funds

We NEVER have access to your funds or accounts. 

Likwidity Pty Ltd ABN 35619 192737   

Likwidity can source rates from participating banks through a combination of bidding or via bank rate sheets, and the highest rate shown may not always be available by the designated bank or the bank may withdraw such offer and Likwidity does not have control over that. Rates shown and interest benefits are derived from publicly available information and sources and may contain incorrect information.   

Users are referred to our Terms & Conditions.

Where Bank credit rates are shown, we source the information directly from the service providers. 

Ratings are shown for Short Term Deposits and are displayed as S&P/ Moody's. For more information on ratings, see our article

Pricing-Likwidity Offers a Monthly Subscription Fee

#Rates are generally based on interests paid on maturity. Minimum deposit amount of $2m. Rates are from Australian Banks who are protected by the Australian Government Guarantee Scheme of $250,000

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