Full Featured Platform

Likwidity incorporates numerous additional features to simplify processes including:

  • Multiple portfolios

  • Setup own banking panel and relationship managers

  • Automated interest calculations

  • Automated maturities process

  • Ability to aggregate transactions

  • Full visibility

  • Comprehensive audit trails

Deposit Workflow Automation

Fully automated workflow from deal initation through to maturities and reporting. 

Multi Bank and Currency

Transact with all your banking panel from 1-app and in multiple currencies for Cash deposits



Consolidated view of business units and deposits across all banks and currencies

Report on funds by bank, credit rating, bank performance, maturity buckets, limit breaches

Product Types

Catering for most standard deposit products including Call, Notice and Time Deposits

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SaaS or PaaS

Available for SaaS or In-House own labelled PaaS. Fast Deployment


Ability to do automated pooling (aggregation) of transactions  

Golf Balls

Dealing Notes and Audit Trail

Record dealing notes combined with detailed audit trails of transaction lifecycle