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Liquidity Platform for Short-Term Funds

Optimal Returns

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Efficient digital platform to connect Corporates to multiple banks for price discovery and management of Call and Time Deposits in single or multiple-currencies

Who do we work with ?

Large and Mid sized Corporations,  Government, Funds, Family Offices, NFP, and any organisation with a velocity of cash flows.

Who have a problem with..

Firstly, to ensure they are receiving competitive interest rates on their corporation funds (Call, Fixed/Time/Term Deposits and secondly, to save time and enhance efficiency 

What we do is..

Provide a software platform that automates price discovery with up to 20 banks in multiple currencies with 1-click, plus workflow driven management platform and reporting dashboard for risk and funds allocation

Which means that ..

These organisations can be assured that the interest rates they are receiving is competitive.


In addition to getting better rates, the system also delivers an efficient, time saving solution with built in reporting, compliance, governance and audit trails that can be used to validate these investment decisions

Unlike other Providers, 

We are not a broker. We are the 1st and only independent corporate platform with no hidden commissions or rebates. Full transparency. No access to your funds or accounts.

You deal with your own banking panel. Maintain your bank relationships. Don't outsource your bank relationships to brokers/intermediaries. 

More importantly, we are also the only platform to have successfully passed a rigorous system and process due diligence by PWC 


Digital Efficiency | Automation | Assurance | Independence | Peace of Mind | Optimised Returns | Time Saving

We bring automation and transparency into the financial markets. Likwidity provides the 1st Independent and Unconflicted Corporate Deposit Platform. Automated and efficient multi-bank price discovery and management platform for Organisations to effortlessly optimise returns on Cash Funds in Call, Notice and Time/Term Deposits. With embedded compliance, governance and auditability to ensure that all actions are auditable whilst maintaining your existing bank relationship. We are not brokers so we do not earn commissions or rebates from Banks. We provide a pure Software as a Service on a subscription model.

For treasury and finance staff involved in cash management, Likwidity provides a very clear ROI with a fast and low cost setup and operation. 



Optimise Interest Income on Your Cash at Bank

Efficient, Easy to Use and Automated Multi-Bank Price Discovery and management software that seamless delivers optimal interest rates from your banking and optionally additional banks. Clear and Measurable return on investment. Fast Implementation means you can be operational within 1-2 days. No need to use brokers/intermediaries anymore. Complete rate confidentiality between Client and Bank. 


Men in a Meeting

That Organisation Funds are appropriately invested

Likwidity software comes with embedded Governance, Compliance and Auditability. You will have peace of mind that processes and returns meet best practice and will stand up to scrutiny by stakeholders. Ensure that funds are diversified across banks and credit ratings whilst keeping within individual bank limits. Detailed audit trail on all transactions and processes.

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