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Capital Decay creeps in when innovation stops !

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Investopedia defines Capital Decay as “ Capital decay is an economic term referring to the amount of revenue that is lost by a company due to obsolete technology or outdated business practices. Revenue is lost because a firm loses its competitive standing due to old practices and clients to elsewhere. Capital decay is a growing problem for firms, as the rate of technological development continues to increase. This financial malady can cause firms without current technology to struggle to keep up with competitors.”

Technology changes and adaptations in business is no longer a major event requiring long projects and decision making, it has become an everyday adoption and discarding of technology much like consumables. In this process organisations can tweak and find an optimal process with the ultimate goal of creating business efficiencies and growth.

The advance and widespread adoption of platforms is one such phenomena that continues apace and the very cornerstone of platforms is the simplification and scale that it brings to manual or inefficient processes. In the financial markets (banking, wealth and insurance) platforms have long ago reached critical mass and will increasingly account for the majority of volumes in the future. Ae there a few hidden business areas where platforms have not yet encroached. Yes.

Although the opportunities are getting scarcer and scarcer. Savings and Deposits is the next beachhead for platforms. Who will stake out this segment. At $2,4trn, it is not to be sniffed at and may be a strategic entry point into other aligned volume opportunities. It is time to digitise your short-term cash process with a pure-play software solution. No need for brokers or intermediaries.

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